The Allxs Events Companion

ALLXS brings your neighbourhood to life. Whether you’re hanging out at your favourite local spot or exploring a new neighbourhood, ALLXS provides you with special insider information, exclusive offers and deals, rewards and VIP treatment. Exclusive access to location based offers, in app ordering from your favourite outlets and unprecedented access to the hidden gems right in your own back yard.

Location based offers

Location based offers

Receive relevant offers and promotions at the right time and the right place.
Reward Redemption

Reward Redemption

In app digital coupon management and redemption integrated into our Mobile intelligent point of sale.


Fully integrated e-wallet with in app purchasing, account management, vouchers and peer to peer payment functionality.
In App purchases

In App purchases

Place your order with our in app ordering engine and avoid the queues.
Beacon Enabled Communication

Beacon Enabled Communication

Beacon enabled app ensures that you only relevant information at time when you are most likely to engage with such information.
Cashless Payments and Loyalty

Cashless Payments and Loyalty

NFC cashless card management for cashless payments or point based loyalty programs.

Cashless Account Management.

Check your balance, transfer funds to linked accounts and manage your tickets and special offers. This feature is for members

Discounts, Rewards and Coupons

In app digital coupon management and redemption. Add vouchers, tickets and coupons to your wallet for later use. Receive reminders

Engage with your local community

At home or travelling we have you covered. Discover services, restaurants, hotspots, events and special offers wherever you may be.

In app ordering

Place your order with our in app ordering engine and avoid the queues. A special offer catches you eye, purchase

Discover special offers near you

Access relevant offers and promotions at the right time and the right place.  Follow your favourite places and receive special offers

Notification Center

Receive notifications of all activity on your account. Transfers, vouchers, redemption’s and special offers from all the places you follow.

We’re happy to receive feedback and reviews to our new app. If you have some improvements and ideas to offer, or you want to share your thoughts considering our work, feel free to write us to


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For Clients – Your own personal dashboard

Manage digital inventory, rewards, vouchers and coupons right in the POS seamlessly integrated into the consumers mobile app and e-wallet. No product on the market combines your own mobile app with an integrated mobile cashless POS, an e-wallet, credit card processing, attendance monitoring, account management, location based messaging, stock management.